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I previously wrote a post on the Department of State’s Social networking site promoting cultural exchange. Now the Department of Homeland Security is following with their social networking site called, “Our Border.” The purpose of the site is to facilitate conversation between people and groups interested in issues surrounding the southwest border. Groups that are established on the site include: Citizenship and Immigration Services (“CIS”), Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) and Comprehensive Immigration Reform. It is interesting that on the DHS social networking site, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform group has the most members.

Every day the site will feature a video from the DHS’ Youtube channel. (Look how far DHS has come!) Users can also post their own videos or posts. There are currently over 290 members of the networking site.

As a San Francisco bay area immigration attorney, I was kind of skeptical at first about a social networking site on border issues, but at looking at the posts, I have changed my mind. There appears to be some interesting discussion from a variety of people about border issues. There are also some good links to news stories on immigration topics. I joined the site and hope that it really will be a tool for open discussion. I will report back.

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The Department of State, through the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs has recently launched a new social networking site called Exchanges Connect. The purpose of it is for people from around the world to meet, freely express their opinions and learn about cultural exchange.

Like any social networking site, people can post their photos and videos and participate in discussions. In order to join, you must register through a simple process by providing a name, date of birth and email address. I joined so that I could explore it.

I learned that the site currently has 1,659 members from around the world. There are many groups you can join once you register such as a Fulbright group and a Youth Assembly at the United Nations. It truly is an international site as I saw blog posts from Bangladesh, Ireland, Macedonia and Iraq. Most people who are participating appear to be students.

The site provides a significant amount of information on international exchange programs and grants. It is a great way for people to meet, develop international friendships and learn about opportunities. I hope people will take advantage of it.