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SL Bar Association sponsors second annual holiday party


I’m shopping for a new dress. Fortunately shopping on Second Life© is cheaper than shopping in downtown San Francisco. My new dress will cost me less than L$500 (L=Linden dollars). This is the equivalent of U.S. $2.50.

Tomorrow, Saturday December 13, 10:00 a.m. (California time) is the SL Bar Association’s second annual holiday party. The venue is a castle on the top of a mountain. We will have music, dancing, fireworks and of course, virtual food. Except for the virtual food, it will not be much different than the other bar association parties occurring at this time of year. The only difference – you can drink as much virtual alcohol you like and still be ready to head into the real office for a day of work or head into a mall and spend real money.

Hope you all will join us!

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